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Native from Cusco – Perù, Jean Vasquez got his start Bartending 11 years ago in the Andean city that is well known among travelers as the last stop before heading to the incan mountain stronghold of Machupicchu.

Having finished his studies at the National University of San Antonio Abad del Cusco in (Cusco-Perú) getting his Bachelor in Economy Sciences, while working in the hospitality industry, Jean obtains the Diplomes of Superior Level on the Food and Beverage Industry at the “ National Centre of Training in Tourism” - “ CENFOTUR “- as well as the “Classic Bar Technology and International Cocktails” at the “National Office of Industry and Tourisme “

The result is a steady bar trade with an international clientele, many of whom have been blown away by the skill and quality of Jean’s craft, we take Mixology very seriously, Jean says, "Nothing that he worked hard to hone his classic skills and participated in APB ( Peruvian Bartenders Association ) and IBA (International Bartenders Association) events and programs".

Then, around 2001 Flairbartending get into his life, “ It changed everything for me” it bought more excitement to the bar and raised the level of service. This heightened level of service and bar excitement is what he’s working at Flairfactor in Montreal since he arrived on 2003.

He has appeared as a guest on many of the Local TV stations (TVA, TQS, RADIO CANADA,CANAL VOX) and featured on the entertaiment pages of Le Journal de Montréal Newspaper as well as some local and outside magazines (TAPS-Toronto, Bar and Beverage – Canada, LA DERNIERE HEURE- Montréal).

Jean Vasquez is currently working in the most popular Supperclubs in Montreal such as “MOOMBA The restaurant Peace and Love” and preparing for participating in some international competitions.

Founder of Industry Training Facility FLAIRFACTOR "Liquid Chefs" Jean Vasquez is mixing up a lot of excitement in Quebec with his blend of Clasic Bartending/Mixology quality and Flair style.


“At Flairfactor we complete the picture by showing how you can combine the elements of Classic Bartending/Mixology with the visual excitement of Flairbartending”.

Flairfactor is a company that is becoming a much sought after resource for hight profile corporate events, media, stagings and product launches.

“What we do is all about going beyond the basics to raise the level of service to new heights”


“Montreal has been slow to accept FLAIR because there has been a lack of information and facilities for training. Our goal is to change this”

We all share a passion for Good Food and Beverages, Discreet but Professional Service and Excellence in the Hospitality and Catering.

We also feel that there are not enough high quality providers of Hospitality and Catering available and well formed …FLAIRFACTOR Liquid Chefs/Mixology Artists has the intention of providing the very highest levels of Personal Service, Flairbartending Performances and Quality Signature Cocktails to the Industry with a qualified staff always in continues training.