Cocktail Testing & Tasting

Cocktail Testing and Tasting is a big part of the Making of a Cocktail. As working on a Signature Cocktail, trying to building feelings and memories, as an article that says "What we choose to drink can reveal more about us than, say, our astrological sign or whether we prefer Elvis or the Beatles"; so having that in mind whether you are having a formal or informal affair, there is always the perfect cocktail or punch for any occasion. Whether you are having an al fresco banquet or a romantic dinner for 2 – there’s always the right drink to fit you.

Cocktails are garnished to give them wonderful visual appeal and superb flavor. Many cocktails are not complete without a garnish, and a drink may only become a specific, famous cocktail or a signature after it has been properly garnished. There are many different kinds of cocktail garnishes, which can be placed on the rim of the glass, floated on the drink, or merely placed in the drink. A certain artistry is involved in their preparation and placement.

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